Here’s what people are saying about Adele’s new album

Renowned album of the year Grammy-winner Adele released her second album “Adele at 30” on Friday. “I’m so ready to show you and my kids what I’ve got,” the Grammy-winning singer said on her…

Here's what people are saying about Adele's new album

Renowned album of the year Grammy-winner Adele released her second album “Adele at 30” on Friday.

“I’m so ready to show you and my kids what I’ve got,” the Grammy-winning singer said on her tour website. “Because this record means more to me than you’ll ever know.”

The newest record, a collection of pop-worthy ballads as well as her much-discussed live renditions of hits like “Hello” and “Set Fire to the Rain,” features all the Grammy-winners from “25” — which made a Grammy-winning legacy in 2017.

The album has reached No. 1 on and iTunes as the site’s top-selling album in more than 30 countries.

Here’s what some critics are saying about the new Adele album.


There’s no guessing Adele at 30. With Grammy-winning record, chart-topping hits, and a new album, it’s like she already knew she’d be going all the way when she was 25. It’s an emotional farewell to the young woman who was all too young to arrive, and an anticipatory goodbye to a life that hasn’t yet arrived — or at least, it hasn’t yet arrived yet. The album might even be her most prescient.


…on the surface Adele at 30 comes across as a conventional pop record. It is little different from its predecessor, ’25’ (2015), only slightly bigger in many ways. But as with many of the more success stories of Adele’s era, it comes to life in many ways as a kind of spiritual journey.

Rolling Stone

Adele at 30 begins with melancholy. But its heart breaks sootheingly…The album’s format starts with a spine-tingling piano ballad on opener “Water Under the Bridge,” and the chorus sounds so familiar it’s no surprise to hear it come back throughout the record. When I ask her if she writes her own choruses, the singer replies, “I don’t write anything a lot of the time. All the time. At least 90 percent.”

Washington Post

(Yes, I know what that means, but that, like any sound better than any good rock and roll record, comes with an underlying blessing and vice: No matter how much you love it, you will sometimes hear the new Adele track twice, and then realize later, after you’ve lost count, that you heard it 100 times or more. The record sounds like a piece of work, that you’re sitting in the bathtub or the shower just going through the motions of hearing the song, stuck in a rut.)


Every artist deserves the benefit of the doubt but Adele’s new album is not a promising start to a smooth arc towards her glorious 60s. Then it gets better. You get used to her old voice … you don’t get used to the new songs. Sometimes you are reminded that this is Adele being Adele, that she just sucks the energy out of the room when she sings. There’s an admirable generosity to the way she chose to approach this work, one that’s ultimately kinder and less self-centered than I could have imagined at the time.

The Dallas Morning News

During each of her three previous studio albums — ’19’ (2008), ’21’ (2010) and ’25’ (2015) — Adele delivered soul-searching songs about heartbreak and breakups. ’25’ raised the stakes so much higher by documenting how her relationship with then-boyfriend Simon Konecki broke up.

USA Today

If the high-school relationship of this album can offer a reunion of sorts, it’s this world Adele returns to, minus the friend. Now, with her partner-in-crime Abi Franklin gone, she’s enjoying single life … She isn’t getting fat or standing any chance in a relationship, and she isn’t turning this into a comeback album. For that, let’s hope her next song is as slithery and catchy as ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover).’

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